Habitat-Stage 3 Byron Bay

The ‘Habitat’ development is located off Bayshore Drive in Byron Bay in between the Arts and Industry Estate and Elements of Byron Bay.  It is the first development of its kind, purpose built to accommodate a variety of commercial and domestic uses.  The development comprises a series of construction stages and sub-stages that have been developed over the past four years.

GCB Constructions was awarded ‘Stage 3’ of the development consisting of high quality, residential units with a simple palette of high quality, sustainable materials to create a robust, environmentally responsible collection of buildings.

The ‘Pocket Living Precinct’  includes four 2 storey buildings comprising  a mix of one and 2 bedroom loft type apartments each to be built in tandem. The apartment mix is 16, 1 bedroom ground floor units, 4, 2 bed ground floor units, and 40, 1 bed first floor apartments.