Project Description

Project Description

GCB were engaged by Uniting Church to restore the Uniting Church in Lismore.  The Church is of a Romanesque design and was built in 1909. The project consisted of restoring the beautifully crafted Church back to its former glory after being inundated with flood water from the Lismore floods in 2017.

The intricate details were matched as close as possible to ensure the historic condition of the Church remained. This included the likes of the decorative ceiling details, the timber panelling around the walls were removed and replaced to match existing, and the stained-glass windows repaired where required. The original internal floor had a slope from back to front. The floor needed to be removed so the subfloor could be inspected. It was at this time, the floor was levelled and reinstated so the Church can now be used as a multipurpose area when needed.

The external of the Church was fully scaffolded, with the entire brick masonry façade cleaned and repointed, which included the brick fence. The terracotta roof tiles were also repointed, and new flashings installed.  A boom lift was also used to access areas that could not be reached from the scaffold.

The iron top infills to the front fence were all individually measured and made to fit within the existing fence.

The flood water had made the heritage tiles on the rises to the front steps drummy and needing to be replaced. New matching tiles we sourced from Melbourne, shipped up and installed.

Our carpentry team had their work cut out for them, recreating timber mouldings to match the original, and having new trims run to match existing. There were also handrails, new sound box, and the stage and sanctuary being recreated from photos of the old. Although a time-consuming job, the results were outstanding with the client and patrons extremely pleased with the final product.

Project Details

  • Client: Uniting Church

  • Location: Lismore NSW

  • Completion: Completed