Early Contractor Involvement

As a relationship focused contractor, GCB delivers added value to our clients through Early Contractor Involvement (ECI).

In some of GCB’s more successful projects, we have been engaged early in the project development stage. This establishes a team environment among all parties at a very early stage of the project lifecycle. It allows GCB to integrate its practical building expertise and project management knowledge into the design development process.

GCB is supported by an extensive network of subcontractors and suppliers ensuring we can introduce the latest construction methods and materials to these projects. This support network, plus GCB’s design and construction expertise, can add great value to the project by contributing to long-term decisions which impact time, cost, quality and buildability.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

  • ECI is a procurement model that allows the contractor to be involved in the early phases of design between parties such as the Principal and designers. It is usually a two stage process

  • In the first stage, the Contractor will work with the consultants to prepare the preliminary design with the Principal, based on a general design brief. This is often looking at the build-ability of the project and construction methods / costs alongside the design process

  • It is not uncommon for two or three ECI participants to be chosen to complete stage one and submit their stage two process proposal to allow for a competitive ECI process

  • The second stage often involves a lump sum design and construct contract based on the design developed in the first stage

  • ECI allows the Principal to gain early contractor input on build-ability and value engineering of the design as it is being developed

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