Design and Construction

GCB has successfully delivered a diverse range of Design and Construct projects through working collaboratively with many experienced consultants. 

Our project team are focused on adding significant value during the design phase of each project by taking responsibility for the integrated management of the design process across the various disciplines. The teams’ main focus is to deliver on the client’s design brief while also adhering to time, cost and quality outcomes.

Being involved in the design development phase allows GCB to bring its wealth of experience to the project, including alternative construction methods and value engineering to material and product specifications.including design alternatives and products. This input can certainly save time and cost for our client while maintaining the design intent.

Lump Sum Design & Construction Only (D&C)

  • Under a D&C contract, the same entity is responsible for commissioning the design of the project and the actual build

  • Typically, the principal will engage design consultants to carry out the preliminary designs and assist in preparing the principal’s project requirements

  • These preliminary designs are then used as the basis upon which prospective contractors formulate their tender submissions, which will include a design which is developed to a sufficiently advanced stage so as to allow for a lump sum offer to be proposed

  • Consultants are then engaged by the successful contractor (either directly or by novation)

  • Benefits to the principal include having a single point of responsibility in the head contractor, a contract price negotiated before any work beyond preliminary design is undertaken and the minimisation of site related difficulties due to contractor involvement at preliminary stages

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ConstructION ONLY

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